Sep 1, 2015

Lately I've being using Alfred to play random sounds I've downloaded from Myinstants. This was either very entertaining or very annoying to my co-workers. Either way I knew I had to take it to the next level. So I built an Alfred workflow to automatically search and play sounds from Myinstants. Now the office is filled with hilarious/terrible noises at least once every 10 minutes. I have made a mistake and I take full responsibility for it.

myinstants bruh


The workflow uses python's HTML parser to parse search pages of This causes the workflow to lag a bit as Myinstants has no API. To combat this a bit I cache searches for a while. Updating, caching, web get and more are all implemented thanks to alfred-workflow.


To perform an instants search simply type i {{query}}, to search for the given query then select an instant to play.

myinstants mlg

Of course the more annoying the better, so try out something like i century fox flute. If you've got some custom sounds that you want to play, you can easily play them by uploading them at I took the time to create and upload some great instants from Joby and Lonnie at the beach. Type i joby to check them out. You can also view the Myinstants best, trending or recent instants by entering ibest, itrending and irecent respectively.

myinstants best

You can add a favorite instant by choosing it from the above commands, then hitting cmd+enter.

myinstants favorite

The favorites list is prepended to, so your lastest favorites are at the top of your favorites list. If you want to move a favorite instant to the top of the list simply refavorite it. You can view the list of your favorites by using ifavs.

myinstants favorites

And you can remove a favorite by hitting cmd+enter on a chosen instant while viewing favorites.

myinstants unfavorite

There are also some miscellaneous commands.

  • iclear - clear the instants cache
    • If you run into any problems with the workflow, clearing the cache may help.
  • iupdate - update the workflow
  • ihelp - open help

Download and Source